From Pleasure to Pain.

Welcome to Pleasure Peaks.


Founded in 2015 Toronto, Canada. Pleasure Peaks began to help create intimacy between patients at a local chronic pain clinic - little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Women kept coming back with amazing reviews on using cannabis for managing sexual health ailments such as, Endometriosis, PCOCs, Rape Survivors, cervical cancer and so much more (because as women we know how complex the vagina can be). With that being said we knew we we’re on to something. Women deserve so much more when it comes to clinical research including natural alternatives that are out there. Today, women sexual health is the least studied and area in the human body and least funded - and we’re here to change that.

Help us raise awareness that women who suffer in silence are not alone. Today, 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with Endometriosis - to put that into perspective 1 in 10 people have cancer on the planet yet nobody knows what endometriosis is. Sexual Health is still Health and should be taken seriously.

The War on Drugs makes it impossible for todays cannabis entrepreneurs to succeed with incredibly harsh hemp and cannabis laws. For a plant that has so much to offer yet we can’t create medical claims, so we’re solving the problem by having #PleasureTalks - welcoming patients to share their own personal sexual health and cannabis story, and together we can heal.

Help us break the stigma by sharing our stories, supporting research and female led companies.


“Cannabis has the opportunity to change healthcare as a whole”

- Founder & CEO Antuanette Gomez


Pleasure Peaks couldn’t happen at a better time. We believe women deserve so much more. I hope you can join us on our journey, whether that means sharing your story on our Podcast and YouTube series or bringing a girlfriend to one of our Live Recordings or Love Retreats or best of yet, sharing the stories of women to help other women end suffering.


Much love,