Happy Mondays: Sex Art

Morning Lovers! It's Monday and were feeling in an artsy mood at headquarters, getting the creative juices flowing for future workshops we'll be hosting! 

Meet Suzanna Scott an artist based out of Ruston, Louisiana USA. Cheers to the brains behind this magic!  

"Before the days of debit cards the coin purse was a necessary item. Today there are a plethora of these kisslock pockets floating around in flea markets on and off-line. After soliciting friends on social media to assist me in gathering coin purses for this project I got down to business. The purses were cleaned (as needed!) and each one turned inside out. They are made of a variety of fabrics and leather. Some with one layer, others with multiple layers of fabric. I assess each one carefully and after a few pinches, tucks, folds and stitches I say voilà.....a vulva!"

"Coin Cunts" Suzanna Scott

To read more about her, or her blog click here. 

Antuanette Gomez