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What are Yoni Eggs??????

Yoni Eggs are egg-shaped crystals used for Womb Wisdom and Wellness. Yoni Eggs, and specifically Jade Eggs, have been used for sexual and spiritual fortification for over 7,000 years. In ancient Chinese traditions, this powerful practice was used for enhancing sexual and spiritual rejuvenation for the royal family. Placing the egg into the vaginal canal causes the stone to rest on the pelvic floor muscles. Meant to add a variety of healing depending on the crystal. The added weight tones the vagina, along with:

  • Vaginal strength, tightness, and technique.
  • Becoming more orgasmic
  • Enhancing vaginal elasticity
  • Enhancing sexual desire
  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication.
  • Elevating sexual energy throughout the chakras
  • Releasing stored trauma
  • Enhancing fertility
  • Birthing practice
  • Receiving the healing energy each crystal

We offer Rose Quartz (Pink), Jade (Green) and Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs for Sexual Healing.We believe that these three crystals are the most beneficial for most women. The Jade Eggs is the classic Yoni Egg, meant to cleans the kidneys in Tradition Chinese Medicine to cleanse and open your erotic energy, great for women who post-menopausal or sexually dormant.  The Black Obsidian works wonders for women who have experienced sexual trauma since it's known for clearing negative energy and provide clarity. The Rose Quartz is great for self-love in all aspects, and is our #1 seller! 

Thank you to our loyal and juicy customers! 

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Antuanette Gomez