Sex, Intimacy & Cannabis


The International Leadership Summit, is my absolute favourite cannabis conference. We had over +900 women working in cannabis from all over the world! It's the most empowering event for women I've ever witnessed with my own eyes. We spent 4 days together soaking up all the knowledge from the lightning talks and break out sessions. There were so many industry events everyday! It was a non stop networking party, and boy did we get a lot of work done. 

My yoni was so excited to share all this tantric philosophies with you! I felt so high off those feminine vibrations. Women Grow is a professional network of women in all segments in the cannabis industry. An international organization committed to cultivating female entrepreneurs, and providing resources to their members, like online education, job boards, monthly networking events and many more. Check out and see if there is a chapter in your city! Get involved, support diversity in the cannabis industry, become a member, or if you want to be bold start a chapter!

If you are in the Toronto area like myself, join the Facebook Group Here.


Antuanette Gomez