Volume 1


ep1. Endometriosis

Meet Katie,

She introduced me to Endometriosis back in 2015. To be honest she’s the reason why I started my company. Working with people to have a better life is what I love doing - especially as a holistic nutritionist. Working at a chronic pain clinic really opened up me eyes on how cannabis can be a great front runner for chronic pain ailments… and so much more. Enjoy this story told my Katie herself on how finding cannabis changed the lives of us both forever.


Sexual Anxiety

Meet Jessica,

Mommy Makeovers was etched in Jessica’s mind that it over consumed her own thoughts. Anxiety is increasingly common with impossible beauty standards for women these days and there’s no surprise it’s slipping into our sex lives as well. While she hated her partner for being a so-called “pothead” she discovered a simple change in consumption method would change her idea of cannabis completely. Now she swears by this one trick for all her bedtime needs, naughty or not.



Meet Kayla,

Although her story is all too common as a #MeToo post, we will never stop listening and supporting women who have survived rape. This raw conversation will be held in Atlanta, GA recorded and filmed for the healing space that is necessary.

Limited seating.


Menstrual Pain

Meet Lace,

I’ve actually known lace since high-school and the only thing that really kept us together was cannabis. I remember our younger years when we would go out for lunch and Lace would literally just die - she would be in so much pain she wouldn’t go back to school. Growing up I didn’t think much of it until she reached out months ago explaining she had a cervical issue her doctor hadn’t caught for over 8 years. Today we’ll be talking about the healthcare system and how women and especially woc are treated unfairly. Let a lone a taboo sexual health ailment your male doctor insists it’s your period even though you’re quite familiar with the process… ahh.